Austin Hughes

Social Media Management

 Social Media Management

I have years of experience with managing professional social media accounts. At Lextran, I manage the organization’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Since August 2017 I have increased Lextran’s social media following by 24% through engaging, consistent content.


Marketing Campaign Elements

This post, and others that were similar, were a part of our “We move people” campaign. It received a ton of attention and was picked up organically by local media such as Fox56, WKYT, LEX18, and Spectrum News.


Storytelling and Humanizing

Humanizing the brand is a crucial goal at Lextran. We share stories about our riders, employees, and community members as often as possible. Sometimes these stories come in the form of photos and sometimes videos. We receive much more engagement on these types of posts.


Special Service Announcements

Many of our posts consist of important information to relay to our riders and community. No matter what type of post we are making we always attempt to include a quality photo that is related to the post.

Screenshot 2019-09-16 00.57.36.png


Whenever it is appropriate we collaborate with other community businesses or organizations to garner more attention and to integrate our brand with other upstanding groups.



We host contests every couple of months. We plan these so that the they help us gather more followers before an important announcement or impact to service, or we use it as a way to get pull quotes for later marketing materials.


Instagram Aesthetic

The grid on the left is the Lextran Instagram feed before I began working as the Marketing Coordinator. The feed on the right side is Lextran’s Instagram today. I have established photography standards that help keep our social media looking polished and professional. Our Instagram following has increased by nearly 500% since I took over the account.